Colonial Differences and Paper Slides

After viewing your video in class today, use the computers or your phone to understand how to make a paper slide presentation.

What you will need:


White copy paper

Split up the main social studies themes found in your colonial region and create a presentation that explains each. Use more pictures than words.  Next you will post your paperslide to flipgrid.  I will come by and give your group their flipgrid code. When you are finished, you should view the other half of the colonies flipgrid video created by a group of your peers and fill in your organizer.

Tonight, you will have Edpuzzle homework, so if you have not signed up for Edpuzzle yet, you should sign up for an account and use the following code to enter the class.

Code: ahegavc

You will need to complete both videos by 8:20 am Thursday.

Additionally, you need to work on Quizlet homework as well.  If you have not joined the Quizlet room use the following link to join.

All vocabulary and activities should be completed by Friday at 8:20. The only activity that you are not responsible for is “spell.”  Be aware that the activity “gravity,” can only be completed on a computer.  All other activities can be completed from your phone. 🙂

Look forward to another great week.  We are in knee deep now, let’s get it!