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Practice Quiz

Follow the link to the website and use the following code to take short practice quiz.

You will have your next in class quiz on Tuesday.

CODE: 556972


Binder Check Table of Contents

  1. Northwest Ordinance activity
  2. Constitution Aurasma guided notes
  3. Articles of Confederation notes
  4. Presidents “What I see, What it means” activity
  5. Nat Turner’s rebellion reading
  6. Reform movements organizer
  7. Unit 1 data dig/activities
  8. Unit 2 study guide

Review Options

Create jokes

Create memes

Quizlet Activities

Create an Edpuzzle video

Create a short presentation

Make analogies between major terminology

Create a Kahoot

Create a song or poem

Create a brochure

Make question/answer flashcards

Create a crossword puzzle

Create interview questions for a person going through that time and create the answers you think they would respond

Create a comic strip or political cartoon

Review a video and do AEIOU activity or summary and connection to the standard.

Pretend you are a vocabulary term and create a superhero modeled after that particular term.

Create a map explaining the importance of that area and events associated with it.

Create an ABC book using terminology, pictures, and meaning.

Create a children’s book for someone in elementary school explaining the event with pictures.

Frayer model

Create a histagram page for a particular event.




Binder Check List

Many of you have been trying to get your binders in order.  Feel free to use the following list to do so.

  1. Pegs Activity 2
  2. FISH notes
  3. Restaurant FISH
  4. colonial differences organizer
  5. colonial map
  6. Fur trade FISH activity
  7. Oladuah Equiano reading
  8. British North America notes
  9. Multiple Choice practice #2
  10. America Story of Us “Rebels”
  11. Station Activities (Should be 3 separate sheets)
    1. Either Great Awakening wksht, British North America Analogies, and Colonial Comprehension Check questions.
    2. Or Histagram event, GOGOMO, and Causes of the Revolutionary War timeline
  12. Causes of the Revolutionary War Timeline
  13. Fan n’ Pick Frayer Models (Revolutionary War)
  14. American Revolution crossword
  15. What I see, think, wonder, connect roles of minorities in the Rev War activity.
  16. Multiple Choice Practice #3
  17. Fill the Silence Activity (3rd block only)
  18. Jamestown Chart Analysis
  19. Study Guide

All of this stuff should be in order.  This binder check will be worth a significant amount of points so make sure you turn in.